Day 63

Had help yesterday midnight. Prepared myself for the last day. Had my final walk towards bus stop. Took a bus to Klang.

Klang disgusts me. Guess really busy city doesn’t suit me. Walked to KTM station and took a train to Subang Jaya.

Reached Subang Jaya and on my way home, something unexpectedly nice happened. Ended my journey in a pretty satisfying manner.

Having a little cold now probably because of lack of sleep. Couldn’t write properly for this final journal record. Sorry bout that.

63 days, 9 weeks of travelling in Peninsular Malaysia has ended. Time to move on and focus ahead. Many things happened along this journey. Some good memories, some not so nice memories. Regardless, everything has become an experience for me. Appreciate all the help I received along this trip.

All in all, one adventure has ended. Time to move onto the next one.
P.S. Don’t know what to write anymore haha.

Day 62

Finally, one more day. Managed to slept a little at the internet cafe. Left the internet cafe early and moved on.

Walked to some bus station near HSBC bank and clock tower monument. Got on a bus to Kuala Selangor and slept along the ride.

Reached Kuala Selangor and walked around sight-seeing. Visited Malawati city and also Malawati Hill. Malawati Hill was nice overall; just that many mosquitoes were around.

Town was nice too. Looked very peaceful. Walked to Kampung Kuantan and got a motorcycle ride half way to the fireflies park. Hanged around for awhile at the fireflies park and managed to get permission to sleep there for the night.

Walked around the village looking for food and water but it’s more difficult than expected. Went back to fireflies park to chill and slept for quite long enjoying the breeze and serenity. Able to watch some people’s lifestyles and behaviours too.

Spent the day in a relaxed manner yet tired from all the travelling.

Hanged around till night and many people started to come to watch fireflies especially couples because of Valentine’s Day. Rained a short while in the evening.

Joined a couple and a US backpacker in a boat ride to watch fireflies. Managed to save cost. Got along pretty well with the American.

The fireflies watch was pretty nice but was expecting more initially. Guess fireflies existence is really threathened. Was disappointed at some people’s behaviours in disregarding the supposed actions. Hopefully, the situation with fireflies will be better.

Watched visitors and couples at the fireflies park as there’s nothing for me to do. A lot of mosquitoes around which really bothers me. Really cold too especially when I didn’t eat enough food. Midnight activities here seemed to be fishing.

Just need to endure one more night. So much has happened. Wonder if I've achieve my purpose.

Day 61

Another day with all sorts of events and mixed emotions. Soon… this trip is ending soon.

This morning was completely weird for me. Felt somehow out of place and I couldn’t sort out my head and plans.

Packed my stuff and left the uncle’s house. Followed him for breakfast and tried Kuala Pilah’s “Rojak Mee” and “Cendol”. Was left on my own again afterwards. ‘Selamba-ly’ hanged around Kuala Pilah town. A pretty small town, peaceful yet full with small town’s happenings.

Started walking towards Seremban after sorting myself a little. Was really hot and managed to walk till a little further than Sri Menanti junction only. Passed by Tanjung Ipoh, another village area. Took a bus straight to Seremban

From Seremban, took a train to KL. Once again, KL is just a place I wouldn’t want to stay at very long. Was raining heavily when I reached. Walked and bummed around. Finally, found a little directions in my plan. Had dinner and now chilling at an internet cafe. Probably cannot sleep tonight – no other better place to spend the night. Able to watch these people’s behaviours at least.

It seems my luck has ended. Not sure if I can stay awake whole night.

KL is just too busy and full with all sorts of people. A place you need to be alert at times.

Glad that there’s only few days left. Can’t wait to go back seriously. So much has happened. I believe I miss out on many events too.

‘Financially challenged’ again. Hopefully I can get through these two days with what I have.

Really, really tired. But, once again, I will press on.

Day 60

My current mood (when writing this) is obstructing me from describing my 60th day properly.

Woke up early as usual like an early bird. Wash up and by the time I’m done, the “Pak Cik”’s wife woke up already. Had breakfast with the Switzerland wife and chatted for quite long. Really an interesting family.

Waited for “Pak Cik” to wake up and drove me to town for me to settle some business before sending me to bus station. Took a bus to Ulu Bendol to complete my final mount climbing for this trip. Reached and obtained permission from the forest ranger.

1135 – Started jungle trekking along the Mount Angsi climbing trail
1220 – Reached Kem Tangga Batu area
1235 – Reached Fasa 2A signboard (if I’m not wrong)
1245 – Reached “Lazy Log 1” and “1 hour to summit” signboard
?? – Reached “17 minutes to summit” signboard
1335 – Reached the summit of Mount Angsi: 825 metres
Hanged out with new-made friends
1535 – Started walking down the mount
1815 – Reached foothill.

Mount Angsi trail is really challenging. The first time I feel so exhausted after reaching the summit. Passed by many people going down the mount along the way. Made new friends from Selangor/KL area. It rained when we were chilling around at the summit and on the way down. All in all, a satisfying climbing experience.

Met an uncle who stays at Kuala Pilah and willing to take me to his house and rest for a night. Another interesting and funny person. Ate and hanged out at a food stall at Ulu Bendol before following the uncle to his place.

Reached Kuala Pilah and cleaned myself after getting dirty at the mount. Then followed the uncle for ‘tea session’ before returning to rest.

Generally, a nice day. I have been getting really lucky recently that it’s starting to feel weird. Things seem to have been going pretty well for me towards the end of the trip.

Day 59

A really tiring day with lots of walking. Not in good condition to make major leg movements. Feel really weak physically.

Left Rahang and received help from many people I met there. Walked to Ulu Bendol passing by Senawang and probably Paroi too. Got a free motorcycle ride about 6 km from Ulu Bendol.

Senawang is a big city in NS. No wonder it’s named “Bandar Senawang”. Walked for really long before getting out of the place.

Ulu Bendol is nice and didn’t change much since the last time. Nevertheless, the recreational forest takes up too much money that I need to get out ASAP.

Learnt that Petaling is actually a plant name. Random. Couldn’t go up Angsi mount as the forest ranger advise not to because it was afternoon. Met some interesting people and typical people at the forest. Chilled a little while at the river to ‘check’ on shoes and feet.

Continued walking towards Kuala Pilah passing by many villages Can’t remember villages name as they’re difficult to memorize. Generally, all are Terachi area villages including Terachi village.

After a long walk, reached the junction to Sri Menanti. Rested awhile while figuring out my plans. Walked to Sri Menanti in the end.

The area was really nice. Got a free motorcycle ride again a few kilometres before reaching the royal town. Have been getting many motorcycle rides lately.

The town is nice, peaceful, and beautiful especially when it’s during sunset. Walked around, looked around, see around. People here are nice, friendly, and kind too.

Chilled at a food stall thinking of sleeping there as the area is peaceful and safe. Reported to the police station as suggested by a “Mak Cik” on my situation just in case. Led to ‘interview’ session and me helping to teach one policemen email stuff.

Towards the end, a “Pak Cik” asked me to sleep at his home and I met this interesting family now. Kampung lifestyle again.

Receiving too much luck recently especially eversince meeting the Pakistan workers waiting for bus.

Day 58

Had a good rest last night. Really lucky despite the jungle atmosphere with the dirt, insects, and all.

Usual morning routine. Waited for the “Pak Cik” incharge of the mount to come back as he went out, and had breakfast thanks to him after that (this sentence is seriously ‘screwed’ haha). Embarked on a trip to Mount Dato peak afterwards.

Completed the climb with satisfaction:
Gunung Datuk – Start: 0845, Reached: 1005, End: 1125, Duration: 2 hours 40 mins, Height: 2900 foot (883.92m)

The mount is nice and unique with many big rocks and stones. The terrain isn’t too difficult yet challenging. Similar to Broga hill with all the big rocks except that Mount Dato has no “lalang” growing all over the peak. The peak of Mount Dato has sufficient space for camps which is really nice and the highest rock gives a 360° view from the peak. A mount worth visiting.

Made some friends during the climb and they (2 uncles, 1 aunty) gave me a ride to Rembau after the climb. I actually rushed down the mount to allow some time for me to bathe and pack my bag before they reach foothill. Thanked the Dato Mount “Pak Cik” for taking care of me.

Arrived at Rembau, a small town in NS, and had a drink with the uncles and aunty. They left, I walked around, had lunch, grateful towards the restaurant aunty.

Visited Rembau Crystal after that and looked around as well as learnt bout crystals and processing methods. Really tempting to purchase something as souvenir but really need to save some cash. The uncles and aunty whom I met at the mount solve my financial issue for the moment so I can’t waste their sincerity.

Went on another long and tedious walk towards Seremban. Passed by Chembong, Pedas, and Wet World Pedas. Wet World Pedas looked nice. Walked till don’t know where near the junction to go Senawang and took a bus to Rahang. Got lucky as some Chinese community were having some New Year related event at “Kelab Sukan dan Rekreasi Cina Rahang” and I ate till I’m full plus managed to find a sleeping spot tonight. Enjoyed the Chinese New Year atmosphere and watching funny behaviours haha. Still not sure if this place is a “Kampung Baru” or not.

Have been feeling lucky recently. Feels like the calm weather before the heavy storm.

Day 57

Have been sleeping in both bus stations and KTM stations a lot lately. First thing in the morning was to climb “Gunung/Bukit Tampin”. Till now, I’m still not sure if they categorized it as a mount or a hill. I shall just use the term “mount”.

Found the entrance towards the trekking trail in the housing area and immediately walk up the tar road trail. As usual, conquered the mount/hill:
Gunung/Bukit Tampin – Start: 0745, Reached: 0850, End: 0950, Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

The peak I reached had this TM Net tower thing as usual but I doubt it’s the highest point around the area. Either the higher peaks belong to other hills/mounts or the peak I reached isn’t the ‘real’ peak. Nevertheless, that’s the furthest I can go following the trail provided. Not gonna jungle trek and create my own path anymore haha.

Found this odd/unique wolf-looking dog at the highest point of Mount Tampin. It followed me down pretty far before hanging around at some TM Net Green Point thing near the foot hill. Just some random incident.

Reached foothill, got out of the housing area, and walked around town. Received help again after a little incident. Made some preparations and walked to Rembau.

After a long walk, stopped by Gunung Datuk. Had a free motorcycle ride all the way near the recreational site entrance from some “budak kampung”. Entered the place, enquired a little, and now putting up a night here to climb the mount in the morning. Many things happened at the forest park afterwards. Met some people, did some stuff, received help in terms of food again.

Glad that I can relax for the night after so long. The environment is really jungle so can’t expect much. Feet healing pretty well. Wondered if it’s because of the theraphy fishes. Gonna challenge Mount Datuk and continue my walk to Rembau tomorrow.

Wondering how am I gonna spend the remaining week.